Thank you for your interest in the Norwalk Town Clerk's Office Property Alert Service.

This service is the first step in protecting your property. Unfortunately, property and mortgage fraud is a fast growing crime in our country. Scammers record fraudulent documents - like fake deeds - or record fake liens - against property owners. In some cases, fraud on real property is not discovered for years. To address these concerns, and protect one of your most important assets, our office offers this FREE service to notify you immediately via email whenever a document with your name is recorded in the Town Clerk's Office.

Please sign up today and protect your property from fraud. It's quick, easy and free. Simply follow the steps below and you will automatically be notified electronically when a document is recorded with your name.


Richard McQuaid
Town Clerk, City of Norwalk

  1. Getting Started

    Please Register your Username and Password to begin the registration process.

  2. Confirmation Email

    After you receive your confirmation email, please click the link provided in the email to return to the Property Alert web page. Next, enter the party names for which you wish to receive alerts.

  3. Register Party Name

    You can register a Party Name and receive alerts when documents are recorded with a matching name. All variations of the name must be registered if you wish to receive an alert.
    Example: John Smith, John A Smith, and John Allen Smith would be entered as Smith John, Smith John A, and Smith John Allen.